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I’m a young disabled adult needing 24/7 care, can AskJules help me? Yes! AskJules can help run your life more independently than you ever dreamed was possible. Our existing clients are young adults with progressive and neurological conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, people with a spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy. If you require 24/7 care, NHS Funded, Local Authority Funded, Privately Funded, Trust Funded, or a combination. We can manage the most complex multi-funded budget for you, whilst still offering you complete choice and control over your care. AskJules provides a personal, efficient and comprehensive service to our clients; from recruiting PAs, to HR, Payroll, Bank and Budget Management and everything in-between.

I want to go to University, can AskJules help? Of course! Through the AskJules University Program, we will help you with everything from the very first stage of choosing a University, attending open days with you, helping you recruit your PAs, manage your budget and payroll, until the day you graduate! We can provide Student Support that better suits your needs, through AskJules Student Support. Traditionally assistance at University is supplied through the University and is not chosen by you. They are limited to only assisting you with academic support and would not include any personal care that you may need, such as helping you at lunch time. With the assistance of AskJules, you can recruit and employ your own PA to provide both student support and personal care whilst you study.

Who are Client Managers? AskJules Client Managers coordinate a comprehensive package of care and lifestyle support for young disabled adults based on their instructions/requests. Our Client Managers are graduates with personal or professional experience of disability and independent living. Client Managers provide a Personnel (HR) service and supervise PAs in line with each client's specific policies & procedures. Although it must be recognised that AskJules are not employers of client's care and support staff, we handle all the practical aspects of managing committed, reliable Personal Assistants and other support workers for you!

What’s a PA? A Personal Assistant (PA) is employed by the client to help in all, or most, aspects of their life including: •Personal Care •Health Care •Daily Living •Housekeeping •Student Support •Socialising The role will be very specific to each client and their individual care plan. Generally, duties might include; personal care - getting up, assisting the client to wash, and dress. Assistance with daily living tasks and health care; medication, preparing and eating meals. Student support; attendance at University lectures, note-taking, practical support in the library or studio, etc.

Can I choose and recruit my own PAs? You have complete choice and control over your care, so yes. AskJules employ recruitment consultants who are experts in matching PAs with like-minded young disabled adults. AskJules will help you fill your vacancies and look after your interests and the interests of the staff who work for you. From writing your job description and advertising, to pre-selecting applicants and holding interviews with you or on your behalf, we will be with you every step of the way.

Will my PAs have any training? Yes, AskJules will find and organise comprehensive training for your PAs, specific to your needs.

What are Direct Payments? Direct Payments, are cash payments made to individuals by Local Councils in place of social care services. They are designed to give people greater independence by enabling them to have control over the support they receive. With direct payments you can decide how to spend the money you receive to best meet your assessed eligible needs. AskJules can manage your budget for you, allowing you to be in control but live independently without the added financial stress. For more information on direct payments, eligibility, etc. just download (link to PDF with Direct Payments FAQ)

What is DSA? Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are paid on top of your other student finance once you start University. They help you pay the extra costs you may have because of your disability. They don’t have to be repaid. How much you get depends on your individual needs and this will be assessed. You can get help with the costs of: specialist equipment, non-medical helpers, and other disability-related costs of studying. AskJules can provide guidance and support, attending assessments with you, managing your DSA, recruiting specialist PAs as non-medical helpers, and everything else!

PAs FAQs Working as a Personal Assistant (PA) for one of our clients is the ideal role for someone looking for a rewarding job. Previous care experience, although useful is not always essential. Practical care can be learnt, but the personal skills that make someone a good PA, cannot. Our philosophy is to enable our young disabled clients to live independently by introducing like-minded PAs to support them in their own home or student flat. AskJules has lots of live-in and full time PA jobs throughout the UK. Our database of jobs grows by the day! Please note that you must be 21 years or older and have a clean criminal record. Register as a PA, and apply for our vacancies today! (link to registration page)

What’s a DBS check? A DBS check is to check for a criminal record. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. All of your PAs will be checked and will only work for you if they are suitable to do so. Applicants will be asked to complete a form when they apply for the PA role.

I just need a PA, can AskJules help? As well as our Lifestyle Management and Student Support services we offer a PA Placement service, if you fit the criteria for care, and all you require is a Personal Assistant/s, you manage your own finances for example, we have a database of experienced like-minded PAs ready to support you today!

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