Going To University?

Going To University

Our Lifestyle Management service incorporates all our services in one package. We can help you with almost anything! We will help you to achieve your goals, after all, the world is your oyster!

By using our Lifestyle Management service, you will be able to run your life more independently than you ever dreamed was possible. Our services have been tried and tested by young disabled adults and students living independently at university.

Clients tell us what they want and AskJules finds it. Understandably, the biggest ASK is always for quality care and support staff.
We are direct in our approach. We bring a robust edge to our work that will help you move forward with greater confidence. We enjoy what we do and our continued success is directly linked to your success.
As well as, for the most part, recruiting more suitable Personal Assistants (PAs) more quickly, clients obtain superior levels of care and support at a price that could not be achieved using conventional methods.