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Ask jules has been part of my life for the last 10 years when I was going to university. Along the years I have had some of the best PA’s thanks to you guys and your team. It has been a pleasure working alongside you and am grateful for your service and support. I would highly recommend Ask jules to any young person going to university.




Ask Jules have put together a terrific, age appropriate care team which has enabled Daniel to attend university and live independently. They made the recruitment process simple, targeting his unique medical, social and academic needs and continue to manage and monitor his care package.For us as a family it’s made a big step very easy and we are very happy that Daniel is so well looked after and thriving on his own.



AskJules have made my move to university extremely easy and took away any worries that I had about my care whilst at uni and take care of the recruitment of PAs and the management/payroll side of things. They have provided me with flexible PA arrangements which allow me to have such a good experience and without their help I wouldn't have been able to enjoy uni as much as I do!



My name is Nina Collins and last year I completed a science foundation year at Keele University. This year, I am progressing onto a counselling and psychology degree at Keele University. This would not have been possible without the help of Ask Jules as they have allowed me to live independently away from home, in the University halls, whilst also providing me with extensive academic support. With flexible care arrangements and a person-centred approach, Ask Jules has given me the opportunity to be able to choose when I want to work and socialise and therefore has given me the full university experience. I am hoping that this support will continue next year and into the foreseeable future. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who requires full time care but wishes to be independent at University.




Our son Harvey has just started his Accountancy degree at Edge Hill University. This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing help and support from Ask Jules. Right from the first meeting with Chris we were put at ease as he instinctively knew what we needed and engaged with Harvey straight away. The quality of the candidates Ask Jules selected for Harvey to interview were absolutely excellent, they had really got the measure of him and what he needed. Harvey asked all his own questions but Ask Jules were there to step in, if and when he needed them. Following the interviews they let Harvey make his decision but supported us with honest, impartial feedback on the candidates. The offer and acceptance process of the 2 PAs was seamless for us as was all the work going on behind the scenes to organise their recruitment, induction and training. The PAs spent a week training with us at home which was invaluable for them to get to know each other and to be confident with Harvey’s needs. We were 100% confident letting Harvey go as we knew what brilliant support he had around him. Harvey is now in week 2 and he is living independently at university with full time care thanks to Ask Jules.



Askjules are life saver and this is no exaggeration. We had a hard fight to get funding for our daughter to attend university and Chris and julie came to our meetings and helped us all the way . We have a team of carers who live with our daughter full time at uni and this has given her a life as well as us her parents. It great seeing our daughter having friends as doing everything a university student would do and I do mean partying as well. If you are worried about your young adult going to university get in touch and give your child back their life. Like

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Omg AskJules are AMAZING! I can not praise this organisation highly enough.
If you have a student planning to go to Uni, then you'll likely have already found out the enormous pool of challenges that creates. AskJules are a family run organisation who have already "Been there, and done that" and can really walk the talk. They clearly know what they are taking about and how to get things done: they totally have a "can do" attitude and nothing is too much trouble.
They can help you with securing Direct Payments and it won't end up costing you a penny yourself.
Their whole process is both efficient and 'student focused' and designed to promote and encourage independence.
AskJules' CEO, Chris, is great: he's knowledgeable, flexible and very personable with an incredibly positive, forward focused attitude. You can totally tell that he has experience of going through this whole process and has not just learnt it from a book.
Getting my Son to University has gone from a very stressful and somewhat overwhelming experience, to one of excitement, optimism and opportunity. It feels like I've been given a Fairy Godmother! (Sorry Chris! Lol)
If you have a student with additional needs who is planning to go to Uni, then get in touch with AskJules, you won't regret it!



AskJules have been a great service, quick and efficient with great communication and friendly staff. They never say no to any issue you may have and always try to find a way that best suits what you want. They were able to act quickly with finding me suitable Pas that I liked and worked well, help with the interviewing process and are there with you every step of the way so you don’t get lost when you’ve got no idea what your doing. I would recommend AskJules for anyone.



Whilst I was excited to attend uni and live in student accommodation, I was also a bit apprehensive about how my need for 24 hour support would affect the uni dynamic and that I wouldn't get the 'full' uni experience. However Chris and Megan were there to support and offer guidance on any issues - from employment and funding to flat dynamics. Another concern that I had was my need for Academic support in lectures and how I might stand out or if my scribe could understand my speech, AskJules arranged it with the University so my PAs could be my scribe - a bonus for both myself and my PAs. AskJules isn't a 'caring company', it's a 'caring family.

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