Client , Parent & PA Testimonials

Jordan (PA)
If you’re looking to do something rewarding and really make a difference to someone’s life, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending becoming a Personal Assistant. Not only is this job personally rewarding, but it is also financially rewarding – allowing me to travel and see friends on my time off. So if you’re just coming out of Uni and thinking about taking a year out, I would definitely recommend thinking about being a Personal Assistant.
Jane (Parent)
3 weeks before the start of university, funding was finally in place but we had no carers or support. We approached AskJules who were extremely positive and although we were sceptical, to say the least, they were amazing! Adverts placed, interviews conducted and 4 days before Fresher’s started we had everything in place and for Ben it’s been a wonderful success, amazing! Thank you AskJules! Always there at the end of the phone if needed. If it wasn’t for you guys Ben would not have started University that day and that’s a fact!
Scott (PA)
I have been a personal assistant for Ask Jules for almost a year. It’s an absolute pleasure to come into work each day, and feels like I am being paid to spend time with a friend. The working hours are quite flexible and can be arranged either through the office or between your employer and team.
Evelyn (PA)
Working as a PA for Ask Jules has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Every single day I have felt privileged to have a job which allows me to contribute positively to somebody else’s life. Over the 11 months that I have worked as a PA, I have had so much fun and have developed a good friendship with my client, which I hope will last until long after I finish as her PA.
Eñaut (PA)
I was unsure about my future after graduating in Biochemistry at the University of Bath, when I stumbled upon the opportunity to be a PA for a disabled student about to start university. Without any doubt I applied for the job, and since I have been fortunate enough to guide and enjoy Ben’s growth at the University. The full University experience, i.e.: meeting his new friends, clubbing for the first time, his first kiss, as well as, going to the lectures or working together to meet the deadlines has all been possible due to Ask Jules.
Marc (PA)
Askjules has shown me that working and helping disabled people through their everyday life is actually very rewarding, fun and exciting. After graduating from university, I wasn't sure what I was going to do. Askjules employed me and I automatically felt part of the family, the whole process is relatively stress free and it has helped make a difference to my life as well as the lives of others.
Thomas (PA)
Working for AskJules has been a truly rewarding experience. When I started I had no experience in care work at all, and so it seemed quite daunting, but everyone has been so helpful and understanding, and this made the initial learning curve so much easier. As a recent graduate I can say that I have greatly appreciated the unique experiences I have gained by working as a PA, and I would thoroughly recommend working for AskJules to anyone interested in doing something a little bit different.”
Tara (PA)
I had never worked as a carer previously however I was given extensive training and there was always someone available to help if I needed. The flexible hours meant I was able to work around my own degree and Rhiannon and I have spent lots of our free time going out and meeting friends together. Any preconceptions of the job or any worries I had about what the role entailed quickly disappeared as I got to know Rhiannon and now it’s just part of our life, we get on with what we have to do, so that we have more time to hang out and do the fun stuff.
Meg (PA)
I believe that AskJules as a company are amazing. The whole team are incredibly helpful and have always been there whenever I have had queries or questions about anything. It is evident that they are an extremely hardworking and dedicated team who do their best for their clients and their PA’s. I thoroughly recommend working as a PA for AskJules for the aforementioned reasons.
Josh (Client)
I can honestly say that AskJules have lived up to everything I had hoped from them. The flexibility and control they have given me over how my care is provided has been absolutely essential for me to make a success of my time at university, because of this I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone with long term care needs who is thinking of going to university in the near future.
Elaine (Parent)
Ask Jules have put together a terrific, age appropriate care team which has enabled Daniel to attend university and live independently. They made the recruitment process simple, targeting his unique medical, social and academic needs and continue to manage and monitor his care package. For us as a family it’s made a big step very easy and we are very happy that Daniel is so well looked after and thriving on his own.

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