Student Support

You can recruit and employ your own PAs who are qualified to provide both student support and personal care while you study!

Traditionally Student Support Workers who assist you while at university are supplied through the university and are not chosen by you. They are limited to only assisting you with academic support and would not include any personal and practical care that you may need, such as helping you at lunch time or between lectures.

Below is a description of each of the NMH support roles that the AskJules Student Support provides:

AskJules Student Support helps you recruit and employ these study buddies and note takers, experienced graduates who are able to support you academically and personally along the way. It's your choice!

Practical Support Assistant

To assist the student with mobility e.g. around buildings and the campuses. To assist in carrying equipment, books or other items. To provide practical support using the library or other University services, e.g. getting books off shelves. To carry out some or all of a given task in a taught session (e.g. use of equipment in workshops) working specifically and only to the student’s direct instruction. It could also include general orientation and finding out where things are located. It could also include ‘social support’ in order to ensure access to the wider aspects of student life. To work effectively, at the direction of the student, in their own particular context.


A scribe is used to write down or type what a student dictates.

Library Support Assistant

This support is provided to help the student search library catalogues, locate materials, collect materials, photocopying etc.

Examination Support Worker

Duties of an Examination Support Worker might include reading out the examination paper, writing down student answers using exactly the words used by the student and for some students, who might get very focussed on a particular question, giving a prompt as to when it is time to move on to another.

Sighted Guide

A sighted guide may be required to assist a student with visual impairment to navigate the campus and may be required for all or part of each day the student needs to attend the university. This role is about the physical attendance at lectures, tutorials, workshops etc. and not about accessing the information that is delivered.


Read through the student’s work and point out the types of errors that the student has made in grammar/punctuation/structure etc. and suggest ways of rectifying this in the future.

Manual Note-taker

Take notes on a student’s behalf and produce an accurate and legible handwritten record of the content of lectures, seminars, and discussions in the student’s preferred style and format.

Workshop/Laboratory Support Assistant

Supporting a student in gaining access to the practical aspects of their course, e.g. in the laboratory or in a workshop/studio situation.

Specialist Mentoring

Provide highly specialist, specifically tailored one-to-one support which helps students address the barriers to learning created by a particular impairment, e.g. mental-health conditions or Autistic Spectrum Disorders. This could include a range of issues. For example, coping with anxiety and stress situations, how to deal with concentration difficulties, time management, prioritising workload, and creating a suitable work-life balance.

Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support

This support addresses the issues which some students might have in acquiring, recalling, and retaining information in written and spoken language, as well as the range of memory, organisational, attention, and numeracy difficulties that students with Specific Learning Difficulties often face when working at university.