University Lifestyle Management

University Lifestyle Management

Our service is designed to take away as many of the stresses of preparing for university as possible, while keeping all of the positives.

We believe everyone has the right to choose how they live their life and we aim to take away any obstacles that could prevent young disabled adults from living the life they want!

University doesn't have to be a challenge!

We appreciate choosing a university is difficult enough with the stresses of obtaining your A Level results hanging over your head. You may be thinking of all kinds of obstacles that need to be overcome from choosing a university with good access to how you are going to arrange your care.

AskJules will help you to employ your own PAs to support you whilst you are at University. We will help you arrange and source adaptations and equipment that you may need for University, whilst helping you to become a fully independent young adult.

We help our clients:

● Attend Open Days and choose their university.

● Liaise with universities to ensure accommodation adaptations and equipment are implemented ready for Freshers Week.

● Liaise with universities to ensure that lecture theatres, libraries, and all areas on campus are accessible.

● Provide advice and support with Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) applications to ensure all educational needs are met.

● Recruit PAs to provide student support - note taking and necessary practical support in lectures.

PA Recruitment

Recruitment of Personal Assistants (PAs) for personal, health, social and student support.

AskJules will help you fill your vacancies and look after your interests and the interests of the staff who work for you. From writing your job description and advertising to pre-selecting applicants and holding interviews with you or on your behalf, we are with you every step of the way.

Ongoing Support

We help you with the complexities of employing PAs. Activities such as incorporating regular PA appraisals and reviews, contracts of employment, employer’s liability insurance, employment law advice, disciplinary proceedings, and health and safety.

Administration & HR

You will have the assistance of the AskJules team who are available seven days a week. We can answer any questions you might have along the way and will help you resolve any issues. Your dedicated Client Manager will visit you on a regular basis and will make sure that the care and support you are receiving is what you want and that it meets the standards demanded by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), previously known as the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI).


Our payroll service enables employers to pay their wage bills without the worry of having to work out tax and national insurance contributions. AskJules will administer all your statutory obligations as an employer including paying your PA’s salary, tax and NI on your behalf.

Bank & Budget Management

Managing the cash flow is one of the most demanding and important activities.
AskJules will assist you every step of the way. You decide what you want and AskJules will help you budget to achieve this. AskJules will help you keep up to date with financial records and provide you with the information you need.

Personal Health Budget or Personal Budget ?